Boat Reservations

Boat Reservation Rules
QRC boats may be used by members in good standing. No guests are allowed. Members wishing to reserve sculling boats must take the QRC Captain’s Test prior to using QRC racing-level singles or bowing sculling boats. Members may only use equipment appropriate for their skill and weight class. All boat reservations can be made through Regatta Central, login to your account to begin.

Make a Reservation
Reservation guidelines

  • Boats may be signed out up to seven days in advance.
  • Members may reserve a boat only once in any particular day.
  • Members may not reserve a boat more than 1 1/2 hours a day.
  • Members may not reserve more than three days at the same time of day in any one week.
  • Reserved boats launched within 20 minutes shall forfeit their reservation.
  • Boats may be used if no one has signed them out on a first come, first serve basis unless they are scheduled to be used within the next 1 ½ hours.

Rowing Logbook
Please us the Rowing Log located on the desk. It serves two very important safety purposes. It lets others know you are rowing and/or if you have returned. This information is critical if you run into trouble while out on your row. All rowers/boats must fill out the log BEFORE launching and complete the log upon returning.