Boating Safety

boating safety

Lake Quinsigamond is governed by the Lake Quinsigamond Commission, a special regulatory council created to govern the uses of its water. Please take a moment to read the policies and give special attention to rules #4, #19, #20, #25a, and #32 as it relates to rowing.

Rules and Regulations of Lake Quinsigamond (.pdf)
Safety Rules for Lake Quinsigamond (.pdf)
Fog Policy (.pdf)
Thunder and Lightning Policy (.pdf)

Things To Consider for Cold Weather Rowing
Hypothermia and Cold Water Immersion – Information for Rowing Coaches and Clubs) (.pdf)
Cold Water Safety Guidelines (.pdf)
4 Oar Rule (.pdf)

Traffic Patterns and Maps
Traffic Rules North (.pdf)
Traffic Rules South  (.pdf)

US Rowing Safety


USRowing Safety Video
Addresses severe weather conditions, common accidents, how to respond to emergency events, recovery from capsizing and flipping, hypothermia. “Don’t get so caught up in your rowing that you forget where you’re going.”

Row Safe Video
Discusses international rules for avoiding collision. “For rowers, the essential rules are: be seen, keep a proper look out and keep to the right [starboard to shore].” Tips for rowing on busy waterways, rivers, channels.

Rowing Safety and Capsize
What to do when you flip a single or double, oar breakage, avoiding collision, using a dingy for

Flipping – How to Get Back in the Boat
Written article plus videos, excellent information. Includes flipping a bow-rigged single.

British Boat Safety Checks
Checking your equipment before and after rowing. Applicable to sweep and sculling boats.

Rowing Ireland Safety Video
Provides pre-row and post-row checklists as well as repeat of general safety procedures.

Three Rivers Rowing Safety
Example of traffic pattern and course review as well as avoiding pitfalls, reporting equipment and incident issues.